Avant Ministries partners with Enviro-Stewards to train and equip grass roots communities to sustainably provide safe water. Stelle Kidan (photo below) provides an example of this development approach. Stelle Kidan is twenty-two years old and lives with her husband Duku Luka and their child in Yei, South Sudan. The family suffered from water related illnesses including typhoid and stomach ache. Rather than providing a free biofilter to Kidan’s family, which can rob the parents of their dignity (and sometimes sit unused due to a lack of perceived value). Avant’s sponsorship funds helped to create the conditions necessary for a locally owned and operated biofilter construction business in Yei to help Stelle understand the financial savings of a biofilter relative to their current expenditures on typhoid treatment (800 SSP/year) and WaterGuard (50 SSP/month).  

The household saw the economic and health benefits of drinking safe water and invested in a filter (becoming the first full price customer of the Yei Safe Water Project). The avoided expense of treatment and firewood can be used to improve their livelihood. As more residents make similar investments in the health of their family, the Yei Safe Water Project progress further towards self-sufficiency.     

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