Every dollar to the Safe Water Project goes into the local communities in areas that we work

There are three ways that funds are used


A relief approach is used only when someone needs clean water but doesn't have the capacity to afford it. In these instances, someone in the community in need will be given a biosand filter.


Funds can be used to subsidize a biosand filter when a community member can afford a portion of the cost. Remaining funds are used to educate & develop the community and launch new project sites. 


When a customer can purchase a filter outright, funds are used for annual re-inspections to ensure proper maintenance and operation and to educate & develop the community and launch new project sites.

Educational and developmental progress is attained by the four following activities

Train the Trainers

Training the teachers to instruct others how to build household water purification systems (CAWST's Biosand filter Project Implementation Workshop).

Intro Business Course

Teaching project leaders how to manage a small business to thrive economically and fulfill the Safe Water Project mission. (Social Venture 101).

Community Health Agents

Training project team members how to sell biosand filters and increase the level of awareness about water related illnesses within the community.

Annual Re-Inspection

Training project team members to inspect completed purification systems and ensure proper use and maintenance practices.