Labatt Breweries & Enviro-Stewards

Labatt Breweries of Canada has been brewing for over 170 years. Labatt and Enviro-Stewards are exploring opportunities to further reduce footprints through ingredient conservation and water & energy efficiency.

For the past eight years, Labatt Breweries of Canada and the City of London have celebrated United Nations World Environment Day (WED) with a series of forums that shared environmental best practices and achievements and identified collaborative ways to advance community leadership in pursuit of tangible and meaningful conservation goals. 

The theme of the 9th annual London Environmental Forum this year is “A culture of care: the enabler of sustainability’s triple bottom line.” Forum presenters will include Bruce Taylor, P.Eng., the founder and President of Enviro-Stewards, Bryan Gilvesy, CEO of ALUS Canada, and Mayor Ed Holder.

As a component of their sponsorship, Labatt has sponsored discounts for the construction of 50 bio sand filters through the Safe Water Project.  The biofilters are constructed by a locally owned & operated social venture using locally available materials. 

 Each biofilter will provide safe water for up to 10 people for about 25 years.  For perspective, each year the 50 biofilters will replace the potable water consumed in London to produce about 750,000 bottles of beer by providing an equivalent amount of safe water in Northern Uganda.

Safe Water Points People With Safe Water Volume of Water Provided GHG Emissions Avoided

50 500 1,000,000 150

Projects People Litres/year Tonnes/year


Lenuru Afetia

Installed by Nelson at the home of Lenura Afetiya in Ombach where the main water source is a river. Lenura said the new filter helped her family have clean water and said “thanks for helping our home to have safe water.”


Salome Kadai

Installed by Nelson at the home of Salome Kadai in Dadamu where the main water source for the family is a river . Salome said he also attended the training to learn how to correctly use the filter. Salome said thanks for helping our home to have safe and clean water.