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Would YOU drink the water?

Imagine if your access to clean water was not a matter of turning on a faucet!

The Safe Water Project exists to empower communities to sustainably provide safe water.

Achieved through three major grassroots activities designed to have a developmental impact on emerging communities:


Train the Trainers

Training the teachers to instruct others how to build household water purification systems.

Intro Business Course

Teaching project leaders how to manage a small business to thrive economically and fulfill the Safe Water Project mission. 

Community Health Agents

Training project team members how to sell biosand filters and increase the level of awareness about water related illnesses within the community.


Biosand filters were developed from slow sand filter technology which has been around for hundreds of years. 


Biosand filter thechnology has three major advantages that make it a successful solution in many parts of the world:


No chemicals or moving parts are required to operate a biosand filter.

Biosand filters typically last for 25 years, providing a safe, reliable source of water.

Constructed in rural communities in Africa out of locally available materials.