Andrew Peller (Global Vintners Facility) & Enviro-Stewards

Andrew Peller (Canada’s largest Canadian owned winery) retained Enviro-Stewards Inc. to identify measures to increase margin and reduce footprints in return for a portion of net savings if and when they occur (Shared Savings). The assessment identified annual opportunities to save:

• 15,000 m3 of water (49%), enough to fill 6 Olympic size swimming pools

• 150,000 kWh of electricity (20%), enough to power 14 homes

• 3,000 m3 of natural gas (2%), enough to heat a home

• 265,000 L of grape juice, enough to fill 590 barrels (350,000 bottles) of wine

Measures implemented to date are saving $300,000/yr with a return on investment of 1,000% (payback of 1.2 months). Global Vintners also avoided the need to use the equivalent of 38 soccer fields of vineyard (27 hectares) to make the same quantity of finished product. This project won a National Clean50 Sustainability Award. Andrew Peller employees then decided to sponsor the construction of 124 biofilters in South Sudan.

Safe Water Points

People With Safe Water

GHG Emissions Avoided

Volume of Water Provided









2016 Clean50 Sustainability Award: Andrew Peller, Global Vintners and Enviro-Stewards staff receiving award.

Biofilter Recipient: Amule (person with hand raised), a Safe Water Project Community Health Agent in Yei purchased a biofilter (subsidized by Andrew Peller) for his mother. As the safe water project uses a development model, persons with some capacity to pay, contribute towards the cost. The photo shows the Yei safe water project team playing the safe water project board game, which teaches business fundamentals such as breaking even, production planning, sales, etc.  

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